Bullnosing Kit for Polished Stone

Bullnosing Kit for Polished Stone


Product Description

This kit works with your variable speed grinder and contains everything needed to bullnose stone tiles and to polish them to a glossy finish to match the factory finish on the rest of the tile. This stone bullnosing kit includes:

  • 1-7mm Diamond router bit
  • 1-4" diamond sandpaper  60 grit
  • 1-4" diamond sandpaper  120 grit
  • 1-4" full set of dry resin bond Diamond polishing pads
  • 1-4" rubber backer

You’ll learn to bullnose natural stone such as granite and marble like a professional with the instructional DVD and all the tools required for your grinder. The router bit cuts the edge, and the diamond sanding surfaces give you a progressively high-gloss finish to match the remaining tile. 

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

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