Kitchen Countertops

The Kitchen Counterops are the first thing everyone notices when they walk into your kitchen. Learn how to choose the best kitchen counters for your home, style of living and of course, kitchen countertop budget.

Kitchen Countertops Kitchen Countertops

Bathroom Countertops

Learn the differences between Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops to make the best choices for your home bathroom countertops

Bathroom Countertops Bathroom Countertops

Countertop Materials

Choosing the right material is the first step in building your perfect countertop. Learn about Granite, Quartz, Solid Surfaces and several other popular types of Countertop Materials.

Countertop Materials Countertop Materials

Countertop Buying Guides

Use these Countertop buying guides to make sure you get the right type of countertop that suits your family, your lifestyle, budget and of course the overall look you want to achieve.

Countertop Buying Guides Countertop Buying Guides

Countertop Guides | Welcome!

Welcome to the Countertop Guides website, the online version of our business showroom where consumers can learn about countertops for their home. Learn about different design and material choices in Kitchen Countertops for the busiest room in your home. Discover the latest trends in Bathroom Countertops, for the one place we all like to think of as our private sanctuary, and so much more.

What Can You Do at Countertop Guides

Now that you made it to our online countertop ideas showroom, you may be wondering where to go or what to do. The most popular section of our site has an overview of the countertop materials commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms.

speckled quartz countertop cornerButcherblock Countertop
dark laminate countertop on white cabinetsLight colored recycled glass countertopconcrete countertops

Once you get there, you find a page for: Granite Countertops, Quartz Countertops, Laminates, Solid Surface Counters, Recycled Glass, Butcher Block Countertops, and many others that are popular with home designers and remodeling contractors today.

In addition to the types of countertop materials, many of our local and web visitors like to learn more about buying a new countertop for their remodeling project. For those visitors we suggest a trip to the Countertop Buying Guides section, where you will find detailed guides on topics like the cost of new countertops, how to hire a installation company and much more.

Featured Countertop Buying Guides

Enameled Lava Stone Countertop Annual Countertop Buyers Guide

2015 Comprehensive Countertop Buyer’s Guide If you’re in the market for new countertops, this guide will help you evaluate your options and narrow your choices. We provide you with and

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The latest trends in kitchen and bath backsplashes give you exciting options for beautifully combining form and function. The backsplash was once an afterthought, but no longer. A backsplash can

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Glass countertops have been growing in popularity for kitchens and bathrooms. The number of options has increased significantly in the last few years and many homeowners are unaware of the

Kid Friendly Countertops Top Three Kid Friendly Countertops

Many families choose kid-friendly countertops for the kitchen and bathroom, counters that stand up to the wear and tear children dish out. What are the top three kid friendly countertops

Granite Countertop Gold Vein The Cost of Granite Bathroom Countertops

One of the most durable investments you can make in the bathroom is Granite Bathroom Countertops! There is nothing more sturdy than stone, and the cost of granite counters in

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